Program Summary

The New Legacy Home for women has 24 beds, is a safe, free-of-charge, non-government funded, voluntary, faith-based discipleship program. The target age for the New Legacy is 21-45 years old. 

The New Legacy Home serves women who call Lubbock their home and desire a positive change in their lives. This can include women needing to move out of habits caused by drug and alcohol use, women with issues of anger, failure, rejection, and doubt, abused women, and women seeking their GED or job skills.  Single moms are also welcomed, with the understanding that their children cannot reside in the home. 

The New Legacy Home exists to help women that clearly have a strong desire to change their lives and are willing to commit to fifteen months of working towards that goal.  The purpose of our program is to help women write a new life story and to leave a new legacy that empowers them and future generations. The hope is for them to leave impact in the Lubbock community and to become productive citizens. 

This program is designed to give women practical resources needed to write a new life story and positively navigate the path toward permanent change. The following is an overview of the New Legacy program:

  • Life Skills Training
  • Foundations of Freedom
  • Financial Fitness Coaching
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • Physical Fitness
  • Counseling
  • Bible Studies
  • Volunteering
  • Community Connection